Women’s Physique judging criteria is based on muscularity, conditioning, symmetry (balanced proportions), poise and presentation. Striated muscle will NOT be marked down in this division.

Group Comparisons:
Heels are required during group comparisons (heels are optional for the individual routine though). Each class is brought out to front center stage as a group and guided through quarter turns to display their physique from all sides. After the quarter turns competitors will be directed through the mandatory poses which consist of:


  • Front Double Biceps with open hands and One Leg Spiked

  • Side Triceps with Front Leg extended

  • Side Chest with Arms Extended and Front Leg Extended

  • Back Double Biceps with Open Hands and One Heel Spiked

  • Hands Over Head Ab with One Leg Extended

Individual Presentation:
Heels are optional. Competitors perform a posing routine to music of their choice. Costumes and/or props are permitted, but are not required. If costumes or props are utilized, they should still allow presentation of the physique.

There will be a Best Posing / Presentation Award given to the Women's Physique competitor who not only presents her physique to its fullest potential but also brings an energy and excitement to the stage.