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In this division an emphasis on symmetry and aesthetics will take priority over sheer size or an extreme conditioned / overly dieted appearance. The judges will be looking at the competitor’s overall symmetry with balance & proportion in all areas of the body. No one body part should overpower the rest of the physique.

The athlete should be well conditioned but not to the degree where muscle striations are evident.

Round 1: Quarter Turns

Round 2: Mandatory Poses. (Listed below)

  • Front Double Biceps

  • Front Lat Spread

  • Left Side Chest

  • Left Side Triceps

  • Rear Double Biceps w/ Calf Flexed

  • Rear Lat Spread w/ Calf Flexed

  • Right Side Chest

  • Right Side Triceps

  • Abdominal & Thigh

  • Hands on Hips Most Muscular                                                                                                                                                                                      – CLASSIC POSES –

  • Victory Pose

  • Vacuum Pose

  • Twisting 3/4 Back Pose 

Round 3: Individual Presentation
Competitors will perform a 60 second posing routine to music of their choice (Pros are allowed up to 90 seconds). There will be a Best Posing / Presentation Award given to the Classic Physique Competitor who not only presents his physique to its fullest potential but also brings an energy and excitement to the stage. Confidence is key here along with displaying aesthetic muscularity & poised stage presence.

Competition Attire:
Classic Physique style trunks must be worn (colors are allowed if desired, NO LOGOS)

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