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Prep Coaches

Stephanie Johnson-Bakke BSN, RN, CPT

Stephanie Johnson-Bakke is a graduate of the University of Alaska-Anchorage where she played basketball and earned her undergraduate degree in nursing.  She remained in Alaska for several years staying close to the athletic teams while also a practicing nurse. Upon returning to Wisconsin, she began a career at Epic where she spent almost 13 years doing project management, clinical informatics, and sales demonstrations around the world.

Throughout her professional career, Stephanie remained passionate about sports and fitness and is now a full time spouse, mom of twins, coach, gym owner, and PNBA pro bodybuilder. She is thrilled to have an opportunity to now share, teach, and coach along with her wife and pro bodybuilder, Kjersten Bakke. Together they understand the busy lives of professionals and can help clients maintain fitness goals whether they are on the road or at home.

Kjersten Bakke J.D., CPT, CSCS

Kjersten is a drug-free professional bodybuilder with an extensive background in nutrition training programs for weight-loss, strength, aesthetics, and athletic performance.

Kjersten is a spouse, practicing attorney, and contest prep coach who is very familiar with the challenges and demands that “normal” career professionals face.  She is living proof that you can be successful in elite level physique competitions and still find success in personal and professional pursuits.  Kjersten is well versed in training and nutrition programming designed to get athletes to the stage presenting stunning physiques, while managing busy personal and professional lives.

Leif Anderson

Have questions about training or nutrition? Leif provides solutions for your health and fitness needs, combining science with practical, real world experience. Whether it's Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figure or Physique, Leif has a proven client track record at every level of the sport. With well over 150 client Pro Cards earned, countless class & Overall wins, a World Championship win & Pro wins including multiple Mr & Mrs Universe titles & Natural Olympia titles his individualized approach will yield unmatched results and help you truly reach your potential.

If you would like to speak with Leif about your fitness goals you can contact him at:

Kim Ayres

Kim is a nutritionist with a B.S. degree in Dietetics. She has been awarded national Personal Training certifications through the Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research & the American Council on Exercise, with specialty recognition in Strength Training. Kim is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher & is certified through the National Exercise Trainers Association for Group Exercise Instruction and Kickboxing. Kim has Pilates training through NETA & PHI Pilates & is a Certified Thai Yoga Body Work Practitioner.

“Fitness has been my profession for almost two decades. My experience, which ranges from work as a nutritionist to competing in the sport of natural bodybuilding, deeply affects the way I work with my clients. We work together to achieve reasonable health & fitness goals. If you need a push, I can & will give you a push. However, I have learned that there is a lasting difference between pushing someone to fitness & guiding them to fitness. If fitness is your mission, I hope you will consider Mission Accomplished as your guide.”

Courtney Spaeth

My name is Courtney Spaeth & I am a Professional Figure competitor, Physical Therapist Assistant & now Certified Personal Trainer. I have been in the health and wellness industry since 2004 working as a PTA, branched into the bodybuilding industry in 2017 & most recently received my Personal Training Certification as well. I have been involved with coaching athletes since 2004 & have a wide range of experience from geriatric based strengthening & rehab programs, to sports training with injury prevention, Aquatic rehab, Bodybuilding, Nutrition & much more.

I am looking forward to helping many of you with your personal goals & will be happy to help establish a customized program specifically designed just for you. I am located in the Eau Claire Wisconsin area but do offer online training option for those long distance clients.

"Learn from your weaknesses and be driven by your strengths!"

If you would like to speak with Courtney about your fitness goals you can contact her at:

Adam Rodman

Adam is a certified personal trainer & owner of Stronger Version Fitness Center in Medford, Wisconsin. Adam has been working with clients on various goals for over 8 years. Adam has worked with weight loss clients & dozens of bodybuilders & powerlifters who have all had a lot of success! Proper nutrition mixed with hard work and consistency are the keys to success in working with Adam. Adam will motivate you to achieve your goals whatever they may be. If you are willing to give 110% he will also give you 110%! Serious inquiries only.

You can reach Adam by emailing:

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