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A fit physique with muscular development and leanness is encouraged for the Classic Figure division. Overly bulky and / or striated muscles will be marked down as will an overly soft physique. The objective is to showcase a toned physique, overall symmetry with proportion, femininity and poise. A decorative one piece suit is required for this division.


Group Comparisons:
Each class is brought out to front center stage as a group and guided through quarter turns to display their physique from all sides.

FRONT QUARTER TURN – This front pose should have the competitor facing front with hands near her side and the heels together. Toes can angle out slightly. Hands should remain at the side.



SIDE QUARTER TURN – Hips should face the side of the stage, upper body can have a slight twist enough to show the rear shoulder. Eyes and toes and should face the side of the stage. Both feet must be flat on the floor. Hand should extend away from the body. The head judge can correct over exaggeration. 


REAR QUARTER TURN – Same as the front pose except the competitor is facing the rear or back of stage. Competitor may want to move hair as not to block the judges view of the competitor’s back.


Individual Presentation:

Competitors walk out to music and perform a “T” walk. A T-walk consists of walking out to rear center stage and pausing briefly in a pose of choice. Competitors then walk up to front center stage to pose briefly, then walk to stage left and pose briefly, then walk to stage right and pose briefly, then walk to the front center of the stage and pose briefly, and finally walk off stage diagonally to the side (as instructed by staff). The walk resembles a “T”, which is how it got its name. Each competitor will be allowed to perform any poses of her choice (in addition to the quarter turns) which accent her physique and enhance stage presentation. There will be a Best Posing / Presentation Award given to the Figure competitor who not only presents her physique to its fullest potential but also brings an energy and excitement to the stage.

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