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A specific level of muscularity or leanness is not sought after for this Bikini competition. Judging is based on having an overall healthy-looking toned body with good symmetry, shape, fullness, balance and proportion with good poise, posture, confidence, stage presence and comfortable presentation. Bikini competitors should not display an abundance of muscle size, deep muscle separation, or muscle striations.



Each class is brought out to front center stage as a group and guided through quarter turns to display their physique from all sides. Stances should be fairly relaxed and competitors should not appear to be flexing. Excessively twisting is NOT recommended during the front pose. Excessively leaning forward is NOT allowed during the back pose. Competitors will also be asked to walk to the back and front of the stage to further assess comparisons.


Competitors walk out to music of their choice and perform a “T” walk (amateurs are allowed up to 60 seconds while Pros are allowed up to 90 seconds). A T-walk consists of walking out to rear center stage and pausing briefly in a pose of choice. Competitors then walk up to front center stage to pose briefly, then walk to stage left and pose briefly, then walk to stage right and pose briefly, then walk to the front center of the stage and pose briefly, and finally walk off stage diagonally to the side (as instructed by staff). The walk resembles a “T”, which is how it got its name. There will be a Best Posing / Presentation Award given to the Bikini competitor who not only presents her physique to its fullest potential but also brings an energy and excitement to the stage.

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